Coaching is a discipline that brings us closer to the achievement of objectives that allow development in different vital areas and specifically Life Coaching focuses on the training of skills to face daily life.

Through the process of coaching, we help you to deepen your knowledge, increase performance and improve your quality of life.

Coaching is indicated for those people who are emotionally stable and enjoy good mental health but, at the same time, want to improve some vital aspect

REBT Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), as in the coaching It is designed to help people achieve their personal goals and objectives, minimizing their emotional disorders and defeatist behaviors, and fostering attitudes and values that allow the person to fulfill themselves and have a happier and more rewarding existence.

Some research shows that the coaching It has an overly optimistic and biased vision of the human being, like other therapeutic orientations, since they focus mainly on the resources and talents that the client has to solve their problems and achieve their goals. The REBT, on the other hand, conceives the human being in its totality, in a humanistic and realistic way: with a potential to be constructive, but also with a potential to be destructive at the same time. Therefore, it is a model of coaching in which not only focuses on the constructive part but also on the destructive part, helping you to accept yourself unconditionally even if you do not achieve your goals.

REBT is not only a psychotherapy based on the solution of psychopathological problems, but it is a philosophical system aimed at improving psychological well-being and personal self-realization.


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