Educating in the management of emotions from an early age allows the development of emotional competencies

Toilet training is a process of learning the habits of peeing and pooping and that goes hand in hand.

Childhood tantrums are a
emotional expression that
They usually appear at 2 or 3

Many of the problems that children have while they sleep are related to irregular habits...

Conduct disorders are a set of behaviors, of different ways of acting...

The acceptance of oneself is very important since this is the engine to have a full and healthy life.

Fear is a normal emotion and in small doses it is adaptive, as it can even help us to...

Anxiety is a response of intense fear, worry, and restlessness that expresses physiological responses

Often, shyness is nothing more than a person's reaction to a series of cognitive interpretations that

Sometimes we may think that being a perfectionist is a quality when in fact it is a weakness of our way of thinking.

Depressive symptomatology can be determined by the interaction of different factors, both biological, genetic, etc.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a disorder characterized by thoughts, impulses, or...

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disorder of neurobiological origin that interferes with

Technological devices dominate and are very present in the lives of many children and children, and consequently they have...

Beyond intelligence, study habits are essential to achieving good academic performance.

Although there are temperamental differences among children, they are not born with an ability to tolerate temper.

Although eating disorders (ED) are always associated with adolescence...

Gender dysphoria in minors refers to significant psychological distress due to a dissonance...

We carry out cognitive assessments in order to know in detail the performance of our patients in the hospital.

Knowing how to develop socially and understand the relationship with others is necessary to have an emotionally healthy life.


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