We follow a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic line: Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), founded by Dr. Albert Ellis in 1955, which highlights the importance of the thought-emotion-behavior triad in the maintenance of psychological problems.

REBT is an effective therapy for dealing with daily life situations. It seeks to make the person aware of the problem and see his or her share of responsibility in creating and maintaining it as a result of his or her own belief system (or thoughts). He emphasizes that it is irrational beliefs, formed mainly by demands and false needs, that generate most emotional and behavioral problems.

Albert Ellis developed the model of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and synthesized it with the acronym ABC.

  1. Triggering event or adversity. A situation or event at which we are disturbed
  2. Beliefs. The thoughts we have about this fact and that are the reflection of beliefs or deep philosophies of life.
  3. Emotional and Behavioral Consequence: How We Have Felt and Behaved

It is a very practical and directive therapy that includes exercises and tasks to do at home to help the person solve their emotional problem in a brief and effective way. It is also a profound therapy because it is not limited to relieving the symptoms of the person's discomfort, but goes to the heart of the problem, provoking deep and permanent philosophical changes that result in an improvement in the quality of life. In addition, it is a multimodal and integrative therapy that can be applied in many formats, both in individual therapies (children, adolescents, young people and adults), group, couples, sexual, family or others. And finally, it is an effective therapy in a very high percentage of problems.


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