An expert report refers to an opinion, made by a professional specialized in forensic psychology, and that requires a judge to determine, in each specific case, the best resolution.

The task of the professional involves preparing a technical report to provide the judicial bodies with information on the psychosocial elements of analysis and assessment that provide them with a global vision of the situation of the people and the family group in conflict, including the technical opinion to the set of evidence and, considering the report as one more factor to take into account in judicial decision-making.

We are specialized in the family field and for them our expert reports are oriented to be able to respond within procedures in which to decide on the best custody of minors, advice to parents when they are in a process of separation on their children, assessments on adoptions, advice from lawyers and judges of the civil and family field and mediation processes to give emotional strategies in this type of processes.

The complaint may seek to assess:

  • The situation of a minor
  • Parent-child relationships
  • The appropriateness of establishing and/or modifying custody regimes
  • Parental competence in relation to the care and education of children
  • The best custody option for the benefit and interest of the child


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