Internet. These services are offered in real time via videoconference with Skype, Facetime, Meet, Zoom or Whatsapp platforms.

The main lines of research within online psychotherapy have established the efficacy of online therapy with treatment results at least equal to those presented by traditional face-to-face therapy sessions.

Online psychotherapy has some benefits over face-to-face sessions:

  • It allows you to attend sessions more regularly than in traditional sessions.
  • It can be more responsive and less intimidating than in traditional face-to-face sessions.
  • It allows working from a safe and familiar space which helps the patient feel calmer and more receptive.
  • It allows people who have a complicated and extensive work and / or academic schedule to attend the sessions in a more comfortable and practical way.
  • It makes it easier for people who have physical limitations or who live in other populations, foreign countries or places of difficult access to have the professional services that they consider most appropriate.


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